John Deere updates self-propelled foragers for 2020

11 september 2019

8000 & 9000 Series SPFH

John Deere updates self-propelled foragers for 2020


Mannheim, 11th September 2019 – John Deere’s 8000 and 9000 Series self-propelled forage harvesters have been updated with several new features for 2020, to provide customers with more comfort, lower operating costs and even more control and reliability.


AHC (Active Header Control) extended with active lateral tilt float

Pick-up and direct cut headers can be operated with maximum efficiency and safety by this new control mode. Once the operator lowers the header, it can freely move over the ground. As soon as it is raised, it centres itself and locks automatically, so this fixed position provides greater security on the road. This extension of the AHC function is unique in the industry.


New Dura Line package

The Dura Line smooth roll scraper is now available in all three customer packages to meet different harvesting requirements. Dura Line components last at least four times longer than standard ones, providing lower operating costs and higher uptime.


Multifunctional lever for more operator comfort

This new operating lever introduces better ergonomics to the John Deere forager range. It is tilted further forward by 15 degrees and fits more comfortably in the driver’s hand, resulting in much easier changes between forward and reverse.


JDLink Connect

Remote Display Access for all i-specification packages is now free of charge for the first five years. This provides customers with wireless connection in the field and enables data exchange with any mobile computers and smartphones as well as the farm office via JDLink Connect. In addition, compatibility between the open platform and other systems has been extended.


Chopping unit updates for 8000 Series

The 8000 Series cutterhead benefits form the updated 9000 Series cutterhead. New features are the strengthened frame, larger bearings and an improved knife grinding system. Due to the longer lifetime of the blades and shearbar, customers will benefit from lower service costs and improved chopping quality.


Update to 460plus StalkBuster maize header attachment

Kemper is now offering the 460plus StalkBuster maize header attachment in higher quantities for 2020. Improvements have been made to the control unit, so that the attachment cannot be damaged when reversing. The StalkBuster is an excellent way of effectively controlling the corn borer pest without the use of chemicals.

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