HEMP harvesting machines

Our Hemp Harvesting equipment is created through a cooperation between HempFlax and GroeNoord. HempFlax has more than 25 years of hemp experience and is a real specialist in cultivation and processing. On the other side GroeNoord covers the technical, production and commercial part. Started back in 2013 we bundled our forces to create the best Hemp Harvesting Solutions.


Hemp Harvester

We provide solutions for hemp harvest as attachments. With our technology we are able to separate the three elements fiber, seed and the flower/leaf of the hemp plant. Quality of raw materials is always our base which starts in de the field. We provide two series machines: the DoubleCut and the SingleCut version. Both series can be combined with a flower collection system. Our equipment can be installed on John Deere W6- or T6-series walker combines MY16 and up. Rebuilding to a conventional combine can be done with little effort. 

Technical details SingleCut and DoubleCut




Fiber harvest

Cutting length 60 cm


Rebuild to original

W6 or T6 serie walker combine MY16 and up

Top Flower Blower TFB10

Top Flower Trailer  TFT10

Capacity per hour

~ 2,5 ha

~ 2,5 ha

Working range upper header

1,3 m – 3 m

1,5 m – 3,2 m

Adjustable cutting length


Working width

4,5 m

4,5 m

Flower Collection

For flower/leaf collection we developed two systems. We can deliver a blower (TFB10) and a trailer (TFT10).  The blower system is mounted on left back side of the combine. The trailer system is towed by the combine.


  • Basic solution for collecting the flower through blower and spout system.
  • Foldable behind the combine
  • Four different working speeds off the blower


  • Premium and efficient solution for flower collection
  • Storage capacity between 2-3 tons flower
  • Easy and fast unloading with the conveyer belt



We know your needs in terms of minimum downtime and spare parts availability in your short time window of harvesting. In our hemp harvesting solutions we mainly use original John Deere spare parts as critical parts. The global John Deere dealer network can provide you spares and service if needed. We support these dealers and deliver our own specialists on location if necessary.